Extra credit and essays in detail

Extra Credit

DUE Thursday, Dec. 7 BEFORE midnight

Instructions: email a rough outline for your essay 2. To receive extra credit,

You must:

-email only my gmail account

-email a doc, docx, or pdf file in this format:

[Your last name]_E2XC.docx (e.g., McStudent_E2XC.docx, Creason_E2XC.docx, etc)

It must at least have:

(1) A thesis statement in full sentences.

(2) Description of at least two ways you will support/argue for the thesis statement

(3) A list of at least three key terms your essay uses.

Example of what I’m looking for:

Essay two rough outline by Prof Creason

Thesis statement: The impact of infectious disease on modern human populations can best be understood using a biocultural evolutionary approach.

Support for thesis (1): Cultural changes like the increased reliance on agriculture is one of the reasons why modern populations have been more affected by infectious diseases.

Support for thesis (2): Changes like sedentism also affect human biology, populations, and their relationship with the rise and spread of disease.

Key terms

Biocultural evolution: the interaction between human biology and culture resulted in modern human adaptations.

Endemic: members of a population are always infected with certain diseases.

Pathogen: any organism or substance that causes disease.

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