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BEST online tutorial for Physical Anthropology


Concise guide to avoid common errors in writing assignments HERE

Our textbook on Google Books – entire first chapter available HERE

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Important publications

If you continue a career into any field like anthropology you’ll soon discover that it’s journal articles that have the most current material or detailed information about topics relative to a given field. This is for a number of reasons – some more obvious than others but for now just know that many of the most recent models and evidence and theoretical approaches are found in the peer-reviewed literature.

Here are a few famous articles. Caution: some of them are for an upper-division and up understanding of anthropology.

“Nothing in Biology makes sense except in light of evolution” by¬†Theodosius Dobzhansky

Philosophy of Science and Explanation

Don’t let pop scientists and others fool you – philosophy of science has a profound influence on science. Also keep in mind that the most recent paradigm of philosophy emphasizes simplicity and clarity so you’re not going to find dense, verbose articles here.

“Why Astrology is a Pseudoscience” by Paul Thagard

Short essay explaining why falsification is too restrictive for science by Joel Velasco

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